Cheale Meats Spring Pork Recipes – Pork Skewers

cheale meats pork skewers

We are finally into Spring and it feels great! The Cheale Meats farm is always busy at this time of year and it is a wonderful season! At this time of year we often change the way we eat slightly, in that we tend to reach for fresher, lighter foods.…

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Cheale Meats – Easy Pork Strips with Broccoli and Rice

cheale meats

This recipe is guaranteed to impress your family and friends! It is one of our favourite quick dinners to make with pork strips and vegetables. Perfect for a quick meal and you can subsitute or add vegetables depending on what you may have in the fridge. To serve 3-4 400g…

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Summer Picnic Ideas 2016


Here at Cheale Meats we love Summer! The days are longer, the sun is (sometimes!) shining and the fields are green! There is nothing better in Summer than a picnic or barbecue in the sun with friends and family. Have a  look at some great food ideas for picnics and barbeques…

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Cheale Meats UK Pork

Cheale Meats UK pork

Cheale Meats UK Pork Cheale Meats Ltd is a family owned business that is based in Essex, we slaughter all weights of pigs for the UK trade, suppling some of the biggest wholesalers in the UK, with British Red tractor approved pork. Cheale Meats have their own roller stamped Red…

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Cheale Meats – Cooking Pork Ribs

Cheale Meats UK abattoir

Cheale Meats – How to Cook Pork Ribs Cheale Meats know everything there is to know about pork! In this video they go through a basic recipe for cooking delicious pork ribs. Find out more from Cheale Meats at

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Cheale Meats: What is Pancetta?

Cheale Meats pancetta 2

Cheale Meats put together a video which highlights the beautiful cured meat, Pancetta! It is very similar to bacon in that it is cured with salt (and sometimes spices) and left to mature. It is delicious served in a variety of ways, particularly when wrapped around chicken or asparagus. It…

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Cheale Meats Reviews

cheale+meats+pork+uk+abattoir (2)

Cheale Meats Reviews We pride ourselves on producing the very best pork in the UK. Follow us on social media and read more about Cheale Meats today.   Cheale Meats UK LTD Review Great farm and lovely lads I’ve been doing business with Cheale Meats for almost 20 years and…

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Cheale Meats Renewable Energy

Cheale Meats Solar Farm (Solar , Active) A SOLAR farm featuring more than 1,000 panels will be installed in a field in Little Warley, after Brentwood Borough Council’s planning and development committee overturned a decision to reject the proposal. The new installation will help power huge refrigerators at the Cheale…

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