Pork Mince Lettuce Cups

Pork is a really versatile meat and can be used in so many ways! Pork mince is hugely popular as it tastes delicious and can be used in so many ways!

One favourite way of using pork mince is stir-fried in a wrap. However, a great alternative is lettuce! It is not only super healthy, adds a lovely crunchiness and is good for those that are gluten intolerant or watching their carbohydrate – ideal for perhaps a paleo diet.

Cheale+meatsTo serve 4 you will need:

500g quality pork mince

1 x chopped large onion 

1 x crushed glove of garlic 

salt/pepper to taste

2 x teaspoons of paprika

2 x teaspoons of chilli powder 

drizzle of honey 

Handful of grated cheese 

1 large cos lettuce

Finely chopped coriander to garnish

Optional: Sesame seeds/ lime/ spring onion 

How to: 

  • Fry the onion, garlic and mince and salt/pepper until almost cooked
  • Add the paprika and chilli powder and fry until brown
  • Turn down the hob and drizzle a little honey whilst cooking and stir
  • Wash your cos lettuce and pull apart each leaf – this will act as a wrap for the mince!
  • Add a large spoon of mince to each wrap, sprinkle on some cheese and coriander
  • We love adding a sprinkling of sesame seeds and a drizzle of fresh lime juice
  • Serve with salsa and rice or  tortilla chips!

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