Cheale Meats – CQP English Free Range Pork

Cheale Meats Free Range Pork

At Cheale Meats we produce a variety of pork and this includes our delicious English free range pork, known as the CQP range.

Our free range pork is reared under strict conditions which means pigs are born, weaned, and reared outdoors in our fields. They are free to roam and forage as they would do in a natural environment. Cheale Meats meet all British Tractor standards as well as the RSPCA Freedom Foods standards and we are BRC certified.

Cheale Meats Pork

Our pigs have space to roam freely and move around the land however they choose. They are born outside and weaned outside, so are very active from birth! They interact with eachother and enjoy a happy, healthy life. We are produce other types of pork in the CQP range, including our exceptional Rare Breed and Locally Produced which again offer excellent quality.

Our free range pork tastes delicious and is the highlight of any meal! Ask your butcher for the CQP range next time you are shopping and you will be impressed by the outstanding quality and taste.

Cheale Meats CQP Range



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