Cheale Meats – best pork sausage sandwich!

There are infinite pork sausage sandwich recipes out in the world and we are sure some of them are great. But, they cannot compare to our favourite sausage sandwich!

You can adapt this however you see fit – adding different sauces or changing the type of bread.

Cheale Meats favourite pork sausage sandwich:

Cut 2 slices of fresh white break quite thickly. This gives the sandwich its sturdiness and holds everything together. Too thin and the sandwich will fall apart.

You can toast the bread if you like, it tastes delicious both ways!

Grill or pan fry your pork sausages, we love our own CQP sausages – delicious, moist and full of flavour!

Butter your bread lightly and add the sausages! Add a seasoning of pepper and a drizzle of sauce if you like it.

Cut in half and eat immediately! Preferably with a strong cup of tea!



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