Cheale Meats Abattoir UK

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Cheale Meats Abattoir UK Cheale Meats are an abattoir and farm based in Brentwood, Essex. Cheale Meats supply British Red tractor approved pork to a wide range of wholesalers across the UK and EU. Cheale Meats also supply their own roller stamped Red Tractor approved brand called “CQP” pork –…

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Cheale Meats: What is Pancetta?

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Cheale Meats put together a video which highlights the beautiful cured meat, Pancetta! It is very similar to bacon in that it is cured with salt (and sometimes spices) and left to mature. It is delicious served in a variety of ways, particularly when wrapped around chicken or asparagus. It…

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Who are Cheale Meats Ltd?

Cheale Meats Ltd are a family owned abattoir based in Brentwood, Essex. Originally started by the eldest brother Andrew Cheale, it was not long before his sister and two brothers joined the growing business. The site still operates on the original family farm which has been owned since the 1960’s…

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