Bacon – 3 Ways

We love bacon here at Cheale Meats! It is a delicious food and goes so well with almost anything! It adds a salty, savoury element to many dishes and can even be added to desserts..! (Go on, try it!)

We wanted to share our favourite 3 ways of incorporating bacon into your meals – and inspire you to try something new today.

1. Bacon and cheese toastie – make your favourite cheese toastie – we love mature cheddar on crusty white bread. Fry bacon in strips then assemble your toastie. It is great seared on a grill pan for extra flavour! A quick delicious meal or lunch, serve with a salad for extra oomph!

cheale meats cheale

2. Bacon and egg omelette – beat 2 eggs, salt, pepper and grated mature cheese in a bowl. Chop and fry 2 rashers of smoky bacon in a pan until crispy. Add the egg mixture and cook slowly. Sprinkle with a little more cheese and serve. A hearty breakfast!

cheale meats cheale meats

3. Bacon and chicken pasta – fry chicken, bacon, onion, garlic and oregano together. Add tomato paste, 1 tin of tomatoes and cook down, seasoning as you go. Add a little cream if preferred. Serve with penne pasta and a side salad. A dinner that the whole family will love!

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